Pets are a big deal in our society. Billions of dollars are spent on the care and maintenance of pets. It’s an industry of considerable significance. 

We get so attached to our pets they become part of the family. Dogs and cats being the most common, can often live with us for 10- 15 years or more. They provide companionship, friendship, protection and love. Pets are comforting to the elderly, relieving the stress of loneliness and boredom. Pets can play an important role in our children’s daily lives.

I see and hear comments frequently from those who say losing a pet or “fur baby”, is as bad as losing a human. My question is, when did we come to the place where animal life is more important than human life?

The best example of this is the legalizing of abortion. Millions of babies have been slaughtered the last few decades with no sense of shame or remorse. Preserving bugs, spiders, birds and whales are other examples of animal life being as important or more important than human life.

I’m not saying taking care of our environment and conserving wildlife isn’t important. It is. But human life is by far more important. 

I’m certainly not an expert on this topic but it just frustrates me when I hear folks put more significance on pets than people.

I read a comment recently that stated, losing a fur baby is sometimes harder than losing a human! Are you kidding me?! I’ve had to put down a couple of pets through the years and believe me it’s not pleasant and it is difficult. I’ve also lost a daughter a few years back and when I hear you say losing the dog is harder…..well, you’ve lost your other mind! There is no comparison. I know….I’ve lived it. You will get over losing a pet, but never will you get over losing a loved one, especially a child or a spouse.

Come on! Wise up people!

Pet the dog and…

Cogitate on this…..

One response to “LOVIN’ FIDO…

  1. My friend, I couldn’t agree more. We have even come to a place in this culture where laws have been passed where animal abuse has taken precedence over human life. God only made man in His image and gave man dominion over all else. I too have lost dear pets including one that caused genuine tears for awhile. However, as you say, for someone to even vaguely or remotely try to compare the loss of an animal, any animal, abuse of an animal, any animal is in a par with the loss or abuse of a human simply has no clue. They have not been even close to the issue.
    Amen Brother.
    Frank Ray

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