The worst thing about getting older is, your friends start dying around you and you find yourself going to funerals regularly. I’ve lost several good friends lately, and most of them weren’t old enough to die.

Someone gets diagnosed with a “non-curable” disease and treatment is started. Some refuse treatment, preferring to enjoy what time they have left with their family, without being constantly sick from the treatment. But usually the outcome is the same. In a few months they die and the declaration is made, “they finally got their ultimate healing!”

But wait a minute! What about God? How does he figure in all this? Why didn’t he heal them so they could live another decade or so?

Many of these who die believed that God is a god of miracles and is able to heal us. They even have hands laid on, make their confessions of faith, meditate healing scriptures daily but in the end they die not having received healing.

Miracles of healing are the exception and not the norm. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? We preach healing is part of redemption, but still see very little healing. We don’t seem to have a problem believing for salvation, multitudes of people are coming to Jesus for forgiveness of sin but physical healing still happens rarely. Most believers die sick. Is this really the way it is supposed to be? Are we missing something here? I believe so.

I know God is a healer. I do believe Jesus took 39 stripes on his back for our healing. But why is it so difficult for most of us to receive that? Why do we accept the diagnosis of our doctor over what Jesus did for us? What are we missing here?

We believe salvation is for all but healing is up to God. Really? So he picks and chooses who gets healed and who doesn’t? How does he do that? Do we have to qualify for our healing? Is it based on how much money we give to the church, how many people we witness to each day? What do we have to do to be healed?

Do you really believe God withholds from some and gives healing to others? That’s just to hard for me to swallow.

I don’t have all the answers but I believe one thing. I believe the problem is with us. It’s with the way we’re believing and the way we’re talking. We are missing something and we need to find out what it is.

I’m tired of going to funerals of friends who are 56 years of age like I did last week. I’m tired of cancer and heart disease destroying the lives of Bible believing people when He said, “healing is the children’s bread.” When he said, “by his stripes ye were healed.”

I’m going back to the Word. I’m getting back on my knees because I want to know what we’re missing.

Healing…can we have it?

Other than redemption, the most important thing in life is our health. When we’re not healthy we can’t function to our maximum potential.

Like most of us I was raised to believe that God can heal, if it’s his will. That was a tag that was added to our prayers for healing, “if it be your will”. The really religious sounding one was, “if you see fit.”

Much of our theology concerning healing was based on our experiences and not on the Word of God. Consequently, when healing didn’t come, our theology was that sometimes we don’t get healed. It just depends on what God chooses to do.

Our dependency on medical science grew and our reliance on God to heal us, diminished. If not for medical science most of us would be dead already!

Back in the 70’s I was exposed to teaching on divine healing that was totally new to me. This revelation taught me that it’s always God’s will to heal but due to our lack of knowledge of what the Word says concerning healing, most of us don’t have it.

Over the last few months so many of my friends have died and some are struggling now with diseases threatening their lives. It’s seems young people who have years of life ahead of them are dying suddenly with heart attacks, cancer, strokes and other attacks from the enemy. I’m growing weary of death. I’ve gone to more funerals lately than I care to count. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if only the individuals would have had revelation concerning healing as a part of Gods redemption plan.

I’ve come to realize that there are two parts of redemption. Salvation from sin, and healing of our bodies. The stripes that Jesus took on his back, paid for our healing! It’s a done deal! The blood from his side washed our sin away. We have preached the salvation part but have neglected, for the most part, the healing part.

I realize that in this short blog there is no way to teach enough about healing that would change your life. I want to encourage you to open your heart to what God’s word says about healing. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and give you life changing revelation so that you can take advantage of healing that already belongs to you. I’m stirring myself up to reinforce faith for my own healing. It’s got to be a daily regimine of meditating the healing scriptures.

We have come up with religious sounding declarations about sickness and healing that are based on the fact that we never get healed, therefore it must be God’s will to withhold healing from us. One of the statements that I get so tired of hearing is, “well, he went to heaven today and got his ultimate healing!” Really?

This is reality. There is no healing in heaven! Is that shocking to you? Think about it. There is no healing in heaven because there is no sickness there. There is no need for healing in heaven! Healing is for us here! Sickness and disease is in the earth!

Friends, I want to urge you to get into the Word and study the healing scriptures. Study the three year ministry of Jesus and study all the miracles he did. Pay close attention to statements about his will to heal.

Jesus paid an awful price on the cross for our healing. It belongs to us and we should be taking advantage of it. He wants us well!

Cogitate on these things…..

Gene Reasoner