Never in the history of the world has knowledge and information been so abundant and easily accessible. We are educated by many sources and whether we seek it out or not, information comes to us from everywhere.

The media is a constant source of information. However, the disturbing thing to me is that at some point the media decided to influence our sensibilities of right and wrong. It seems they have an agenda to make wrong become right, and right becomes wrong and when there is resistance to that, to judge those resisting to be intolerant and hateful. Morality is constantly being re-defined and our life principles questioned and ridiculed.

In recent years I’ve struggled to sort out my personal feelings and emotions concerning some of these issues. I’ve never been a hater and I’ve become increasingly annoyed at Evangelicals who lash out hatefully at the LBGTQ community. I recognize the utter failure of the Church to show God’s love to those people.

Social media is constantly flooded with haters who condemn anyone to hell who doesn’t believe like they do. How do I react? Should I speak out?

Recently on one of the Sunday morning television shows, I watched a story about a Hollywood star who is producing a movie about a husband and wife raising a young transgender son. This producer in real life is a gay man married to a man. The director was born a girl and later became a man and of course the movie is portraying the story as perfectly normal life in America. Really? C’mon man!

I’m trying not to let my emotions motivate my feelings here. I’m a seeker of truth and I’m trying to figure out how to react in love and at the same time not let my moral compass be disoriented. I’d rather not have to deal with any of this but it’s a reality I have to face.

I have many questions. Should I speak out? Is it time to draw a line in the sand? There’s a lot of things I don’t have figured out but I feel I need to reaffirm a few things.

I am a man.

I was born a man, in God’s image.

I’m attracted to a woman, not a man. God made me that way.

I know the difference in right and wrong.

I love God, family, and country.

I want everyone to know God loves them as they are.

I believe when we accept His love it changes us.

It’s God’s job to change people not mine.

My responsibility is to love, not judge.

I don’t let my feelings control me.

When things stress me I rest in Him. Stress goes away.

When I’ve done all to stand, I stand.

If you don’t agree with me I’m ok with that. I’m not right about everything. I have many flaws and imperfections. In the end, I believe the truth will prevail. The truth will set us all free and bring perfect peace. We have that to look forward to.


Cogitate on these things……

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