A famous song says, “time changes everything”. The older I get I’m realizing how true that is. It seems time affects every aspect of life. The older we get the more we recognize change. There are changes in society, changes in relationships, changes in government and changes in the weather. For better or worse our bodies change over time. We can do things to slow it down but we can’t stop it.

As I get older I particularly notice I’ve changed in the way I think. I’m thinking more on important matters than the frivolous things I spent so much time meditating on in my youth.

Youth can be very deceptive. When you’re young mortality is not a subject you study about very much. It’s all about being bullet proof and living forever. Life as a vapor fading quickly just doesn’t dawn on us when we’re young.

So now that I have more sunrises behind me than I do ahead of me, things are rapidly coming into perspective. From time to time there are seminal moments that occur to bring revelation and reality in focus. I just experienced one of those moments at our Reasoner Family Christmas Celebration 2017.

A family tradition we have is for me to read the Christmas story before we open gifts. This year right before I read the story our oldest grandchild Kylan Reasoner age 20, had a couple songs he wanted to do. Kylan is a great musician, singer songwriter. (Yep the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!) He wrote a very clever song about how our family celebrates Christmas and it produced many smiles and laughs from everyone. And then he dropped the bombshell.

He blew me away by starting to sing He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away, my signature song I wrote many years ago. He is 20 years old and though he is an incredible grandson I didn’t know if he even knew my music or cared about it. His musical taste and style is typical of his generation and frankly is not the style that trips my trigger. But what he did with my song was quite remarkable. He totally changed it to fit his style. He made modifications to the melody, the chord structure and tempo. He totally made it his own and I loved it!

As he performed the song it dawned on me the importance of what was happening. I was witnessing my own grandson respecting and honoring me by performing the song that was birthed out of my spirit. I realized at that moment that this indeed is my legacy. Something that was created through me has not only impacted the world but also impacted my own offspring. It was a seminal moment. It is a blessing to be sure and a moment I’ll never forget.

As a young boy I had a special relationship with my grandfathers. I looked up to them. They were my heroes. They were just my favorite people in the world. As I listened to Kylan sing my song I couldn’t help thinking maybe he has some of the same kinds of feelings for me I have about my grandfathers. It’s just so humbling to know that maybe I have indeed made a positive, meaningful impact on him and the rest of my grandchildren. Thats something money can’t buy. I thank God for that.

Legacy. It’s important. Whats your legacy?

Cogitate on this. Peace.

Turn up the volume!

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