Garth Brooks, Kansas City and a Fuddy Duddy…

So I decided a while back to see some of the really big stars I’ve never seen in concert. There are several, George Strait, Alan Jackson and more.

So I just saw Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood in Kansas City at the Sprint Center. Already people are asking, “was it good?” My answer is not a simple answer.

People go to concerts for different reasons. I go for the music. I’m a musician and I want to hear the band, the songs and the singer. I want the sound fairly loud, the mix perfect, as close to the recording as possible. I’m a musician.

The average music fan has other reasons for going. They want to have fun, party and be rowdy. They want to drink beer and let their hair down. They are fans not musicians.

The previous paragraph describes the crowd of 20,000 rowdy fans in Kansas City. The music was loud but the crowd was much louder. I’m talking about ear piercing loud.

This is where the Fuddy Duddy part kicks in. I didn’t pay $85 for a ticket and drive 175 miles to listen to 20,000 people sing every lyric as loud as they could. I was there to hear Garth sing and hear the band play, not stand on my feet for an hour and a half sing-along.

i stayed until I heard Trisha Yearwood sing three songs. By the way, she’s still one of the best female vocalists ever.

On a positive note, Garth may be the best pure entertainer I’ve seen. The way he works a crowd is amazing.

But now this ole Fuddy Duddy is anxious to get back what little hearing I have. Thanks a lot Kansas City.


2 responses to “Garth Brooks, Kansas City and a Fuddy Duddy…

  1. Couldn’t agree more maybe it’s because I’m a musician too that’s is exactly why I don’t like large crowds at concerts and I know that fans are there to have a good time but for me make it small venue and I will be happy. Garth and Trisha are great entertainers and love their fans and that is as it should be but don’t think bad of KC it’s the same at any large venue. Thanks Gene keep on cogitian

  2. Yup, I couldn’t say it much better. For that reason, I haven’t been to a Country concert in many years. I used to love going to real Country concerts like E.T., Jones, Porter, Acuff, etc.
    As the music changed, so did the fan. When those guys sang, fans didn’t hardly breath loud they were so afraid of missing a word or two of the song. It was THE music we came for.
    I suppose as Gene said, the word “fuddy duddy” comes in play.

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