Love Like Fido

img_3206Received the sad news recently that close friends of ours lost their dog. The dog had been sick for months and they sadly watched him slowly deteriorate until he passed on.

Pets, especially dogs, become loved members of the family. It’s easy to understand why if you think about it.

Dogs are after all created by God. God is love so it’s obvious he created them with love. Dogs may not be created in Gods image but they definitely have some of His characteristics.

A dogs love is unconditional…so is Gods. Dogs don’t judge us…neither does God. Our judgement was all placed on Jesus. Dogs are loyal…so is God. Dogs aren’t racist…God isn’t either. Dogs love spending time with us…so does God. Dogs protect us and our property…God does too. Dogs are mans best friend…so is God. Dogs don’t see our faults…neither does God, our sins are covered by the blood.

As you can see there are many lessons we can learn from dogs. They are a blessing. They are indeed a lot like God. Love your dog, he loves you.

We should learn to love like Fido.

Condolences to Gene and Debra Dove.

RIP River “Dog” Dove,┬áDec 1, 2016

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