November 4, 2016 White River played another reunion concert in Lebanon, Missouri for KTTK’s 30th birthday party. LtoR: Gene, Bob, Bruce, Benny. Not seen: J R on drums.


A few days have gone by and I’ve had time to reflect on our latest reunion concert. It’s always fun to get together again to play and sing but this event was just unusually special.

Those of you  who are White River fans know that since 2012 we have done reunions about once a year including four years in a row on cruise ships. We have made great memories on those reunions as well as renewing old friendships spending quality time with old friends and family. 

The 2012 reunion tour was the entire band of original members while 2013 thru January 2016 reunions were without the complete band. A couple of those years we did it with just Benny, Bruce and myself and sang with sound tracks. 

This time in Lebanon the whole band of original guys was there and it was very special. Our friend Danny Rhoades did sound, the venue was Lifepoint Church (formerly 1st Assembly of God) where we played many times back in the day. We celebrated radio station KTTK’s 30th birthday and what a party it was!

We were admittedly a little apprehensive because we only had one rehearsal but for the most part we remembered everything pretty well and were able to hit the high notes without singing ourselves hoarse.

While in the middle of one of the songs it struck me…this is still my dream! It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do with my life. It’s still my passion to play in a country band singing original songs with strong Christian lyrics with men I love like brothers. Bruce Haynes, Benny Ray Wood, Bob Ashley and J R Bradford are the best!

What’s really cool is that 30 years after our professional career as a band ended we can still come together on occasion and our fans and friends still love the music and are still on their feet responding and applauding. What a blessing! We’re all still alive and able to do it after all we’ve been through in our lives. We all still love Jesus and each other and the fire still burns.

I’ve been proclaiming it all year….God is so good! He is so good to keep letting me live the dream! Isn’t that something? It seems I’m in the stage of life when I’m looking back more than I’m looking ahead and as I cherish the memories of days past, every once in a while I get to stand on stage with my White River brothers and keep the dream alive.

Thank you Father for letting me live my dream! You are so good!