I read a blog today about how to have success as a blogger. It listed 10 tips to writing a good blog. One of tips was to write something everyday. So here I go.

This year as I have played my music in several churches and venues my theme has been the goodness of God. I have been greatly impacted this year by listening to Bro Keith Moore’s series on The Goodness  Of God. It is available for download at: flcbranson.org and I recommend you listen to it.

God is good because the only thing in him is Good. Good is all he has to give us. He has no sickness, poverty, death or tragedy to give us. Those things are never part of his plan. His plan for us is good and only good. 

Everywhere I minister now I testify to the goodness of God to me and my family. By far the most difficult thing my wife and I have  experienced in recent years was the death three years ago  of our daughter Brooke. In spite of the pain and sorrow that event brought, we have and are witnessing the goodness of God. He has been so good to give us peace that Brooke is with him. When I most needed assurance of that he sent a message from heaven in the form of a dream. He is so good! Hear about the dream here: https://youtu.be/hhDn9PbVo4k

There is much confusion in the Body of Christ about God and his goodness. Many teach bad things that happen to believers are somehow part of God’s plan. Some teach we are unable to understand God’s plan and somehow we must use our faith to accept whatever comes our way. 

However I believe his plans for us are good. Evil forces from the dark side are constantly trying to kill our children, bring disease, poverty….these things happen to people both good and bad. God is not working with Satan to use these things to teach us life lessons. He delivers us from these things because…….he is Good!

I encourage you to meditate only on the goodness of God for the rest of this year. It will change your life and you will begin to see more of his goodness. 

God is bigger than you think he is and he’s better than you think he is! God is good….only good!

Cogitate on this!

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