432+ALBUM+COVER+hi-res+Natures+Symphony+%281%29I’m getting to be an old guy but I’m still pretty  cool. I ride a motorcycle, I’m a Pitmaster and can smoke the best ribs you’ve ever had, I have great kids, cool grandkids, a hot looking wife and many friends. My musical tastes are pretty diverse however there is one thing I’m still “old school” about. Praise and worship music is hard for me to enjoy. It’s just never tripped my trigger. Can I get a witness?

I realize most of the contemporary music sung in churches today is loved by the masses of believers but it’s just never touched me. I like music that grabs my heart until my emotions erupt and God’s hand lays heavy on me. When that happens I can worship. There are a few exceptions. Songs like Bruce Haynes’ song I Need You More touch me but for the most part the songs that have two or three lyrics that are repeated over and over just don’t do it for me.

BUT FINALLY! THE WAIT IS OVER! I have just heard a project that perfectly bridges the gap for me between old school and praise and worship.

Jeff Easter posted on Facebook recently how he was impacted by The Isaacs newest project NATURE’S SYMPHONY IN 432. I downloaded it immediately because I’ve always been a fan of The Isaacs. I just finished listening to it with my early morning coffee and devotion. Wow!

For me it’s the perfect mix of musical styles I like and can relate to but yet it is completely Praise and Worship. There is a special anointing on this record and I want to personally thank Ben, Sonya, Becky and Lily for this great project. It is Grammy quality and I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t win one.

And let me say to my Bluegrass friends…I know when you think of The Isaacs you think of Bluegrass. Their roots are deep in Bluegrass and I hope they never lose sight of that. However don’t write them off because they are moving into more diverse styles. They have the talent to do it and are certainly reaching many more people because of it. So keep an open mind and give this record a listen. If you can see beyond your Bluegrass nose then you will appreciate this project and be touched by it.

I thank God for this record. It’s bridging a gap for me.

Cogitate on this…

Gene Reasoner





2 responses to “BRIDGING THE GAP…

  1. I’m with you, my friend, on not caring much for the contemporary praise & worship. I just can’t seem to get into it either. I also love the Isaac’s music…all of it! Nice blog, Gene! Thanks & God bless!

  2. I understand exactly what you’ve said about the praise and worship in today’s world.
    Most is not anointed at all but is strictly just music used to sell product for, but true worship that magnifies God and can left our hearts and thoughts on Him is entirely different and can take you into a different realm. Thanks Gene and keep on cogigaten

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