Gold Wing Rider’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,

You are such a good father full of Mercy and unending Grace. Your name is above every name and all Glory is to you. Thank you for what your son Jesus did at Calvary. Thank you for the price fully paid for my sin. Thank you for redemption and healing for my body. Thank you that this last great sacrifice of your only son was once for all time. Thank you for the Blood that continues to pay the price for the sin of the whole world past, present and future.

Thank you for material blessings we often take for granted. Today I thank you for a wonderful motorcycle to ride and enjoy. Thank you for our Gold Wing friends we ride with and yes thank you for our Harley friends as well. As everyone knows, all motorcycles are from God!

Thank you father for the blessing of living in the beautiful Ozark Mountains and for the awesome twisty rural roads throughout Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas. Your creation is inspiring and especially so on a motorcycle.

As we ride I pray that the love of God will flow through us to everyone we come in contact with. Thank you that our rides are ordered of the Lord and we can use these bikes to spread your love to our fellow man.

Thank you so much for safety on the highway. Thank you for other motorists who watch for motorcyclists and give us respect on the road.

Father I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the blessing of these gifts you’ve given us to enjoy. Thank you for keeping us safe on every ride we take and we give you all the glory for these awesome blessings.

Let’s ride!