The experience of losing and burying a child is not only sorrowful and grievous it changes every facet of your life. At least is has for me.

While on a recent cruise to the Caribbean a close friend who is a pastor noticed that I wasn’t my usual carefree, fun-loving self. He was concerned enough to confront me about it.

I’ll just let him tell you the story. It’s very supernatural and let me emphasize  here that I believe every word of this. It was indeed a life changing word.


One response to “THE DREAM…

  1. My Dear Friend n Brother, just let me say, I also believe Bruce’s dream was from God, to comfort you. I DO know exactly what you are speaking of and I have received similar conformation. My Scotty died in my arms. He took his last breath just after turning his face to mine and saying, “I love you Daddy”. Those were his last words. I love you brother and yes, from time to time, my heart hurts as if it were yesterday. I have never had any single event impact a permanent change in my life like the death of my son. It has changed me for the better. I began to write a song once. The twist was that men are always giving credit to their wives for making them the man they are today. It occurred to me that fatherhood should bring a man to the realization that suddenly, he has a role in life that puts him in far bigger shoes than he has ever had the responsibility to fill. Being a father! It brought me to the realization that I had a reason to step up my game, be a better, more responsible and level headed man than I had ever been. Yes, my son turned me toward God because I knew I needed more than was in me to become the man I needed to be. Love ya Brother, Yer pal, Frank

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