Being Alone…

I’m not a loner per se. But when it’s necessary I can be by myself and function pretty well. I like me and for the most part I like my own company. I can get on my motorcycle and ride long distances alone and be perfectly content. I don’t always need to ride in a group. I can go out to eat alone and enjoy a nice meal. Sure, it’s more fun to share life with someone but I don’t usually dread spending a reasonable amount of time alone.

My wife is retired and my retirement is in the near future. Since her retirement I’ve encouraged her to do whatever she wants to as far as being with her friends or going away to spend time with grandkids. I’m perfectly fine with staying at home for my job while she enjoys her retirement. When the day comes that I retire then we will enjoy travel and fun together.

Lately when she has been away I’ve thought a lot about how incomplete I am without her. The Good Book says that it’s not good for a man to be alone. At this juncture in my life that reality is starting to sink in for me.  I guess it’s good for me to think about all this because when she’s gone I realize everything she does to take care of me and how good she is at making our house a home.

I can cook, do dishes and laundry, even clean house (a little!) and pay bills but how does she do all those things so efficiently? It takes me days to do what she does in an afternoon! In addition to all those practical things, since she has been retired she has spoiled and pampered me! I mean she waits on me hand and foot!

All those kinds of things are easily taken for granted and I try not to do that. If it sounds like I love her just for what she does for me let me assure you those aren’t the most important reasons I love her or miss her when she’s gone.

A little over 38 years ago upon taking vows of marriage before God we became one. Marriage is a miracle. It’s not just in the flesh although that’s a part of it, but a miracle happens in the Spirit. We become one…a part of each other. When we’re young we don’t think too much about that but as we grow older and wiser we understand more fully that reality. It’s a relationship that is truly a God thing. Yes it has to be nurtured, protected and valued and as we get older we understand it more and have a greater appreciation for the beauty of that relationship.

That’s why I miss her and why when we’re apart I realize how much I need her and how deep our love is. Being alone really causes me to think about these things. I guess it’s true…..abcense makes the heart grow fonder.

Anyway she’s gone for two weeks and it’s another week before she returns. I’m fine but I’ll be glad when she’s home. After all when she’s gone I have nobody to bring me my coffee! 🙂

Hope you’re having fun Viva…I love you. I miss you.

These are things I’ve been cogitating on today.