I just recently learned a family member is gay. I wasn’t expecting that news. I admit I was surprised and maybe even a little shocked although not much shocks me these days. However, my reaction was much different from what it would have been just a few years ago. I’m thankful to be learning about Grace and Love.

Much is being written and debated these days about the gay issue. It’s such hot topic and causes division and great anger between conservatives and liberals. It affects all of us in many ways. Sadly it’s a cause of hurtful turmoil in families, churches and our society in general.

Until a couple of years ago my reaction was typical redneck hate and disdain as a result of a very strict legalistic upbringing so common in my generation. I had no gay friends nor did I want any or have a desire to establish understanding or common ground with anyone involved in that lifestyle.

However over a period of a few years my attitude towards gays has changed drastically. Through lots of reading, prayer and being forced to interact in the workplace with a few gay people I’ve slowly come to a much more compassionate and I believe Christ like stance on this issue.

Having said all that I just want to make the point that this is more a people issue than a sin issue. I’ve come to know that there really is no sin issue. Sin was taken care of at the Cross. Jesus dealt with sin and paid for it with his blood. The sin of the world was forgiven at Calvary, Hebrews 10:10. Once for all time.

I propose our reaction to the “gay issue” is the greater problem.

The church in America has dropped the ball. They say they love the person but hate the sin. However, I see much more hate than love. The preaching of sin and hell’s punishments has been going on for decades and I just want to ask the question…how has that been working out? How many gays have been welcomed into your congregation and how many of their lives have been changed?

Most gays in America feel unwelcome in our churches though we say we love them. I don’t blame them for not wanting to have anything to do with us. I’m at the point I don’t want to be associated with the self-righteous religious crowd either.

We must learn to follow the example of Jesus. He hung out with sinners, let prostitutes wash his feet, was kind to adulterers and even dined with crooked tax collectors. I’m convinced if he were here today he would be a friend to the LGBT community.

I have news for some of you. He IS here today! He is here in us! We are Jesus in the earth and we must be Jesus to the gay person. Let me ask you….how many gay friends do you have? For most of you I know the answer.

I’ve made it a priority the last couple of years to develop friendships with some gay people. I’m learning to see them just like I see everyone else. One of the best ways to spread the gospel is to be kind and caring. My responsibility is to be a friend, the rest is up to God.

Finally, I believe God is big enough to handle the “gay issue”. Let him do His job and let’s do ours. It’s up to you.

Cogitate on that,

Gene Reasoner

2 responses to “IT’S UP TO YOU….

  1. I love you brother Gene! I love the true gospel of Jesus Christ!! We are saved quite apart from the law, or any other pattern of behavior. Jesus saves! “Living HE loved me, Dying HE saved me, Buried HE carried my sins far away! Rising HE justified FREELY, FOREVER!! Someday HE’s coming O! Glorious Day!”

  2. Hey Gene,
    Good thoughts about the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle.
    My oldest Daughter is a lesbian , and it shocked me as well…. but over the years her wife Lisa has truly grown on me, and truthfully it’s not my job to judge, but to love!
    Love conquers all !

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