…those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on GOLD WINGs like eagles; Isaiah 40:31

There is no other place I can think of where I’m totally relaxed and feel like my strength is renewed but on my Gold Wing motorcycle. I soar on that bike just like an eagle. Riding a motorcycle is scriptural and I would concur a very spiritual experience! Those of you who ride can relate….those who don’t are missing out.

I took a long week-end last week and rode over 1400 miles in three days. I went by myself so my only company was satellite radio, CB radio and “the still small voice”. It was quite a combination. Classic country and bluegrass music, truckers to give me traffic reports and Holy Spirit as my tour director.

I call western Oklahoma cowboy country because the landscape makes you feel you’re in a Cowboy movie. I’d ride along the remote two lane roads and Holy Spirit would say,” Look over there! Isn’t that pretty? I own all those cattle and I put the oil in those hills!” Every few miles I would thank God for blessing me with a good motorcycle and the opportunity to enjoy his creation with the wind blowing my hair. Yes! I did ride without a helmet for a while. Get over it. It’s legal in Oklahoma.

My trip was also a walk down memory lane. I visited May, Oklahoma where my father pastored a very small church when I was in the second grade. I attended church there on Sunday morning and just like 60 years ago there were about 15 people attending and still conducting services the same. There was even one couple there who were part of the church when I lived there. It was encouraging to see people who are still faithfully keeping the doors open and the lights on.


When I lived in May, OK I began to travel with my dad and grandfather to wheat harvest every summer. My favorite memories of childhood are my summers in the wheat harvest. We were custom cutters and cut wheat from southern Oklahoma to North Dakota.

I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful wheat fields on my motorcycle trip. The wheat is looking good. There’s nothing quite as pretty as seeing thousands of acres of beautiful wheat waving in the breeze. I rode a few miles with tears in my eyes remembering the good times we had in wheat harvest.

The older I get the more thankful I become for the blessings in my life. I’m thankful for my family, friends, financial blessings and most of all thankful for realizing more fully who Jesus is, what he has given me and most importantly that He is in me in his fullness. I can meditate on that the rest of my life and never exhaust the fullness of that reality.

Those are just some of the things I cogitate on while I ride the Gold Wing. It’s a “God thing.” It always will be.

I hope you have a place and time when it’s just you and Jesus. A place where you can renew your strength and mount up on Wings.

Cogitate on these things….


Gene Reasoner, Gold Wing rider.


2 responses to “IT’S A GOD THING, & A GOLD WING THING!

  1. thanks SO very much for your last post!!! we listen to your program every sunday night after church at KTTK Lebanon,mo you mentioned May OK. that’s where I was born 75 years ago:-) where my father Arthur Dockum was pastoring the little church there. Dean loves your motor cycle sounds that U have on the program! may God Bless U . Dean & Ardena Dockum Mcconnell

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