You’d think I’d have learned by now to never say never. You see I’ve always said I’d never get a tattoo. But now I have one. Yep I did it.

When our daughter Brooke died last year a lot of things changed. It really is amazing how that event has changed my thinking. Changed the way I view things. It has given me a different perspective on life and things really important.

My priorities are changing and some things thought important are now not so important. Things never important before are now important.

I have more grace for people I once disdained and am more focused on looking past the baggage people carry to focus on the person created in the image of God. I’m more aware that God loves everybody and because of what Jesus did at the cross he sees them forgiven and redeemed.

I’m also more aware of how important man is to God. More aware of the fulness of God inside me. I’m learning that God is inside every man and our mission is not to rant about whats wrong but to awaken every man to the truth of Gods fullness inside the spirit. That knowledge brings peace and causes man to turn from sin to worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

I no longer get bent out of shape about doctrines of man that I don’t agree with. We’re all more wrong about most of it than we are right anyway!

This tattoo has great meaning. One of Brooke’s wedding pictures was a shot she did just for me. It was a picture of her in her wedding dress. She was holding a little chalkboard and on the board is said, “Forever Your Baby Girl”. I used to call her Baby Girl when she was little and would sing her an old Bluegrass song with that title. The flowers on the tattoo represent her favorite flower the Yellow African Violet developed by Brooke’s uncle, Nolan Blansit. The B of course stands for Brooke. Family members called her ‘B’ and her nieces and nephews called her “Aunt B’. 

Getting the tattoo was very emotional and spiritual. Spiritual? Yes it was. It was a spirit connection with Brooke and that is a God thing. Our life is in our spirit and that life comes from God.

So if the tattoo bothers you……… as Brooke used to say, “build a bridge and get over it!” There are more important things in life than arguing over whether getting tattooed is right or wrong.

So if you’ve ever thought about getting a tattoo go ahead and do it. There’s a very talented tattoo artist in your area just doing his or her best to make a living. And who knows, you might be the one to let them know that God lives in them. Thats real evangelism.  


Cogitate on it!