I Miss The Hymns

I never thought I’d say this…I miss the Hymns. Must be the result of moving into the sunset years of my life. I also never thought I’d say music at church is too loud, but it usually is… and I miss the hymns.

I really don’t have objections to the new style of worship, except for the occasional “whoa ohh ohh ohh’s” etc. I miss the Hymns.

You can flip the order of the service, have offering stations and self-administered communion, I actually like those things…I just miss the Hymns.

I think one of the benefits of getting older is I’ve figured out what I really like. I miss the Hymns.

Don’t misunderstand me please. I’m not criticizing any certain style nor am I saying we should go back to the way it used to be. And please don’t spiritualize my words because I’m not really coming from a spiritual angle, I’m just saying….I miss the Hymns.

A year or so ago I visited a friends church where no musical instruments are used. I heard songs I hadn’t heard in years and left there thinking…I miss the hymns.

I am aware that most folks like the new worship and could care less about the old songs. But as for me…I miss the Hymns.

And another thing…in most worship services today no one is singing! They may have uplifted hands but for the most part congregations don’t sing. Worship teams sing but not many in the audience do. But let a Hymn start and things come to life! Most everyone participates and did I tell you? I miss the Hymns.

Rock of Ages, Hold To Gods Unchanging Hand, The Love of God, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Amazing Grace…don’t let them be forgotten. I miss the Hymns.

Keep a sweet spirit…it’s ok to miss the Hymns.

Cogitate on this!
Gene Reasoner

2 responses to “I Miss The Hymns

  1. YEAH! I’m so glad to hear that someone else also misses the hymns AND that the music is too loud. I don’t mind some of the new style music but the repeat after repeat after repeat is not what I prefer. A good mix of both styles would go a long way as far as I’m concerned. Would let the younger crowd experience and maybe learn some of the hymns. As far as the loudness, I think God can hear just fine without drums and amps cranking out music so loud you can’t always hear the singers. I would also prefer shorter musical sessions – 20 minutes of loud non-hymns turns me off instead of preparing me for the message. Anyway, I know there are a few churchs that still have hymns and maybe a mix of styles like I mentioned. It’s really about the message. Would like to see more time allowed for the sermon.

    By the way Gene, I enjoy getting your posts. Hope you keep them up.

    Thank you, Karen

    Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 22:53:01 +0000 To: kksmith1223@hotmail.com

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