I Miss The Hymns

I never thought I’d say this…I miss the Hymns. Must be the result of moving into the sunset years of my life. I also never thought I’d say music at church is too loud, but it usually is… and I miss the hymns.

I really don’t have objections to the new style of worship, except for the occasional “whoa ohh ohh ohh’s” etc. I miss the Hymns.

You can flip the order of the service, have offering stations and self-administered communion, I actually like those things…I just miss the Hymns.

I think one of the benefits of getting older is I’ve figured out what I really like. I miss the Hymns.

Don’t misunderstand me please. I’m not criticizing any certain style nor am I saying we should go back to the way it used to be. And please don’t spiritualize my words because I’m not really coming from a spiritual angle, I’m just saying….I miss the Hymns.

A year or so ago I visited a friends church where no musical instruments are used. I heard songs I hadn’t heard in years and left there thinking…I miss the hymns.

I am aware that most folks like the new worship and could care less about the old songs. But as for me…I miss the Hymns.

And another thing…in most worship services today no one is singing! They may have uplifted hands but for the most part congregations don’t sing. Worship teams sing but not many in the audience do. But let a Hymn start and things come to life! Most everyone participates and did I tell you? I miss the Hymns.

Rock of Ages, Hold To Gods Unchanging Hand, The Love of God, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Amazing Grace…don’t let them be forgotten. I miss the Hymns.

Keep a sweet spirit…it’s ok to miss the Hymns.

Cogitate on this!
Gene Reasoner


If I told you some of the biggest stars in Christian music were on the brink of financial collapse would you believe it? And if I told you some of those artists were ones you are blessed by and whose ministries have touched you profoundly how would you feel? Would you believe it? What if anything would you do about it?
Most folks who attend concerts or have Christian artists in their churches only see the glamour of the Christian music business. The big shiny busses, record deals, flashy clothes and the accolades of the fans are many times only a facade that hides the reality of the pressure and constant stress of booking enough dates to financially sustain a traveling ministry. 
Today’s economic conditions make it increasingly difficult for Christian artists to continue to travel and share the powerful ministry God has given them. Some are stressed to the point of quitting the ministry.
I’ve been in and around this business for a long time and I know the realities. I was part of a great Christian Country band for nearly ten years. Though we had a good record deal, hit radio songs, television appearances on Trinity Broadcasting Network, very successful appearances at Bill Gaither’s Praise Gathering and the National Quartet Convention, we were unable to sustain the ministry financially. In spite of the awards and accolades it came to a sorrowful end.
Lately I’ve seen postings on Facebook by artists who are struggling financially. Some of them are my friends. They don’t ask for money but are imploring people for prayer support. Many are not nationally known while some are known around the world for their talent and heart for God. You might be shocked to know there are a few that have recently received Entertainer of the Year awards and Male and Female Vocalist awards and even Song of the Year awards! But sadly, they are ready to throw in the towel! 
This should not be! Why do Christians not support their own brothers and sisters in ministry but spend mega-bucks on secular entertainment? 
If you love Christian music of any style how do you respond when the offering plate comes by, or how do you react when an artist expresses a financial need and asks for prayer? 
Here is my challenge to you:
Get involved. Ask the Holy Spirit what you should do. Ask the Father, “Lord what do you want me to do about this need? Do you want me to give and if so how much?” If you are sincere He will tell you. Just remember, the first amount that comes to your spirit is the correct one! The second one will always be lower…thats the wrong one!
Remember this, many times we don’t know what’s going on behind the stage smile. The awards gather dust, the vehicle breaks down, the baggage is lost, the tire blows, a brake job on the bus costs $2500 and the offerings that week were only $1000…what are we gonna do?
Yes God will supply, but He uses people to do it and that’s where you come in! Be a conduit for God to flow money through! This is the way The Kingdom is built and sustained. As you do it your needs will be met and when it becomes a way of life to you, you’ll be blessed with more money than you know what to do with!
Lets not let these great ministries be sucked under financially! We can relieve them of that pressure by everybody coming together and just doing what God instructs us to do. Lets learn how to operate in God’s economy and we’ll write better songs, reach more people and have the resources to throw the Gospel net out farther than ever before. We’ll get this Kingdom built for His glory and the devil will lose his tiny, lying mind!
Now, take that and cogitate on it for a while!