One of the striking things about getting older is that I’m watching many of my heroes pass from this world. I never used to think about that but these days I find myself cogitating much about mortality. 

It just happened again…George Jones passed away. After a time of mourning and reflecting on his life and the legacy of his timeless music and how it has affected my life, I’ve realized most of my heroes are gone. There’s just not many left.

Heroes are amazing because many of them we never meet. However the effect they have on our lives is astounding.

I only met George Jones one time so I didn’t really know him. We never got to be friends or develop a relationship of any kind. However, he had a strong influence on me and my music. He was a musical hero to me. 

I’ve heard some say we shouldn’t have heroes. I don’t get into that argument because I believe it’s something that happens naturally. You can’t stop it. Whatever you love, whatever you like or have passion to do you will find someone who has excelled in that area and will look to them for inspiration. Heroes happen.

I’m thankful for heroes. I’m thankful that I was exposed to George Jones’ music many years ago. George you touched my soul…I loved you…you are a hero to me. Your gift was from God. You made my life better.

By the way reader, you are probably someone’s hero…maybe I am too.

Cogitate on that!

Gene Reasoner