I Have A Promise

These days I’m living on a promise. The promise is what keeps me going, it’s the goal I’m reaching for. I keep going because the person who made the promise is someone I trust completely. If I didn’t know the person to be trustworthy I wouldn’t be able to do it. So I walk by faith and I do not let what I see change that.

I have so much at stake. Lives hang in the balance. No matter how bad the circumstances are I keep going. It doesn’t matter that voices all around me are predicting doom and failure, I don’t give up. I have a promise.

Sometimes the voices are telling me how much of a failure I am, posting all my mistakes so the world can comment. They use the guilt tactic, the worry tactic, and the sleepless nights tactic. However, I don’t believe their lies. I have a promise.

People seem concerned and offer all kinds of remedies and solutions based on common teaching and beliefs. I guess they mean well, but I have a promise.

I see others around me who are dominated by circumstances. All they talk about is defeat and misery….but not me. I have a promise.

It doesn’t matter where I turn or what I tune in to, the loudest voices in the atmosphere are doom and gloom. The country is in decay, our society is imploding morally, the world is in conflict and unrest, sickness and disease is raging…..is there any relief? But wait! I have a promise!

Actually I have a book full of promises. As a matter of fact, you do too! This book is still the number one selling book of all time. I’m sure you have one……or several. If you haven’t already, find out what your promises are. The Book is full of them.

By the way, the specific promise I’m standing on right now is for my children:┬áJeremiah 31:16-17 “Thus says the LORD: Refrain your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears; for your work (raising of your children, prayer) shall be rewarded, says the LORD, and they (your children) shall come back from the land of the enemy.”

I have a promise……..what do you have?

Cogitate on this for a lifetime!

Gene Reasoner