What Do You Believe?

At the hospital today two pastors boarded my shuttle. After a cheerful greeting I said, “laying hands on the sick today?” The only response I got was some nervous chuckling. I continued, “you know what happens next, don’t you? What’s that?” they replied. “They recover! That’s what the Bible says!” After a short hesitation one pastor sheepishly said, “well if it counts for anything we did give them lots of love.”

If that wasn’t so sad it would be funny. I don’t mean to point fingers at individuals or denominations but it is amazing how much of the Bible we don’t believe.  It’s no wonder people don’t get healed. They say they believe the Bible but when they read the healing part they just skip over that.

If we believe the Bible we must believe it all. If we believe in salvation we must believe in healing for our bodies because salvation and healing go hand in hand. The price for our salvation was paid for by Jesus blood. The stripes on his back bought our healing and it all happened at Calvary.

To many of us have been taught that healing ended with the Apostles and the New Testament church. So consequently it has not been taught and therefore we do not see healing. But where healing has been taught healing has manifested!

Two pastors were visiting one day and one said, “Do you teach healing in your church? ” The other pastor replied, “No I don’t”.

“Do you see healings in your congregation? ”

The other replied, ” no we never do.”

“Amazing” said the pastor, “I teach healing in my church, and we see people healed all the time.”

Scripture says people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. The Bible teaches healing for the body but if you haven’t been taught healing from the Word how can you be healed?

If you claim to believe the Bible then it’s important for you to know what it says. If you only know a portion of it then that’s all you can believe.

We all live far beneath our privileges and are missing some of God’s greatest blessings. Primarily because we don’t know what the Word says. Know what it says then you’ll know what you believe.

What do you believe?

Cogitate on this for a while…..

Gene Reasoner

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