Don’t Call Me Religious!

I am a Christian. I am not religious. Let me repeat…….I am a Christian, I am not religious! I don’t belong to a religion nor do I believe in a religion. I am not a Baptist, a Catholic, a Methodist, Assembly of God, Church of Christ or a Pentecostal. I am simply a Jesus follower.

Jesus is not a religion he is a person. He is the only one who is perfect. Jesus is not religious. He did not have a “religious spirit”. When he was on the earth 2000 years ago he was not religious and that caused religious people to hate him. He associated mostly with non-religious people….sinners if you will. Religious people hated him and eventually killed him.

Since Adam and Eve sinned in the beginning there has been a constant struggle between good and evil. Historically, religion has been on the side of evil more than good. Confusion, misunderstanding and bloodshed has been the result of religious conflict from the beginning. Religion has pitted brother against brother, father against son and nation against nation causing great destruction for centuries. There are races of people and countries today that have been feuding for generations because of religion. Most terrorism in the world today is because of religion.

So please, don’t call me religious. I don’t want any part of it. I’m doing my best to stay away from religion!

Let me tell you why I’m writing about this now….

Today I read a blog post that I believe every Christian should read. Don’t be religious when you read it. As a Christian, if you read this blog in a non-judgemental frame of mind I believe it will speak to you. At the end of my post I’ll give you the link.

I was raised to be very religious. The only thing preached about in my church was sin. It was all about the Law and not much about Grace. We were taught separation from sin and sinners. We were taught to judge everyone who didn’t look like us or live like us. Consequently, for years I didn’t know how to separate sin from the sinner. This resulted in categorization of sin, in other words, some sins were worse than others.

I’m glad Jesus has taught me a very important truth. It’s a truth about love and acceptance. He taught me to separate sin from the sinner. Love and acceptance scares most Christians. But wait! We don’t love and accept sin, we love and accept the sinner!

Jesus was criticized for eating and drinking with tax collectors, prostitutes,thieves and people of ill repute. He looked beyond their faults and saw them as broken hurting people. Those were the ones he came to love, heal and restore to wholeness!

We should never judge someone of their sin! God already did that. All sin was placed on Jesus at the cross and it was judged. It was judged once for all time. (See Hebrews 10) It’s not our place to judge sin…….it’s already been judged.

There are so many people who are hurting. There are people hurting because of racial injustice, because they are gay, because they are poor, or overweight. People are being abused by parents, rejected by the church, cast out by family and other horrible things.

But sadly, more people are hurt by religion, or by religious people than by any other means. This should not be.

You see the answer is not religion! Everyone is looking for love, for understanding and whether they know it or not, for redemption. But it doesn’t come through religion it only comes by a relationship with Jesus! He took all sin and it was judged on him!

I challenge you to read the blog I referenced. Many Christians will read it with a religious spirit and will not respond with the love of Jesus. Read some of the responses to the blog and you’ll hear the hatred of many Christians because of this religious spirit. But some of you after reading it will ask yourself how you should respond. Maybe you will reach out to someone with love. I hope so. That’s what the world needs.

Leave the judging to God. Show His love today. And please don’t call me religious.

Look inside yourself and cogitate on this  for a good long while!

Gene Reasoner

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2 responses to “Don’t Call Me Religious!

  1. Gene, I’ve read many things that you have written through the years but this tops them all. I too, have battled a lot of these same issues through the years, but I have traded self-righteousness for mercy and compassion. I count it an honor to call you friend. Looking forward to the tour. I love you, Bruce.

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