How Does She Do It?

The last five weeks have been difficult. My wife left me for someone else. I know that’s shocking but it gets worse. She left me for another woman! But wait! Before you get your underwear in a great big wad, the other woman is our daughter. See there you go, always thinking the worst. Oh ye of little faith.

Our daughter had complications from surgery and nearly died. So my wife has been by her side the last five weeks. A mother’s love is something to be cherished and the last five weeks my wife has demonstrated that love in a great way. She was glad to do it and I am glad she was able to.

Being on my own those five weeks made me realize a few things. I got to thinking what life would be like without her. It made me realize how much she does and how little I do. If I had to be alone permanently I don’t know if I could keep up with everything! Let alone deal with being alone and coping emotionally without her.

I made a feeble attempt to keep laundry done and keep the house minimally picked up. I cooked a few meals and took care of the cat. Between keeping the bills paid, doing my radio show and working the day job forty hours a week it was pretty overwhelming. I don’t know how she does everything! My time management skills need help!

Life is precious and having the one I love by my side is even more precious. Of course I don’t love her just for the things she does, but for the things she does I’m very grateful.

My goal is to make sure she knows how much she is appreciated not only for her love but for all the daily work she does.

So here’s to you Viva! For everything you do, I love you and thank God for you.

By the way, our daughter Brooke is doing much better and on her way to a slim healthy life!

‘Yall cogitate on them things for a while!

Gene Reasoner

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