Greater Things

A lot of folks say they believe the Bible but seem to pick and choose the parts to believe. They talk the talk but when the rubber meets the road the word of God goes out the window and fear and doubt dominate them. The words of their mouth reveal the unbelief in their heart.

The other day a friend told me he lost his cell phone. John (not his real name) was very concerned and stressed about it because the phone contained lots of important data he couldn’t afford to lose. I asked him if he’d left it in his car and he said he’d looked there twice but no phone. John loves God, is faithful to his church and lives a consistent Christian life. When I asked him if he’d prayed about it he shrugged it off with a chuckle and said, ‘oh no,’ as if to say God is not interested or has no time for such things!

Many people don’t know God is concerned about everything in their lives. The things that are important to us are important to him. Even the little things. As I thought about my friend John I realized many Christians have the idea that God is too busy to deal with the small things in our lives. But God is not busy! He’s God. God is too big to be busy. He’s never stressed, never in despair or never unsure about anything. Multi-tasking is not a deal for him! He’s God! He says to cast your care on him because he cares for you! One translation says to ‘cast the whole of your care on him.’

So I decided to speak to John’s cell phone. I didn’t say pray about it I said speak to it! In case you think you don’t believe in talking to inanimate objects let me tell you that you do! You speak to things all the time. When your car refuses to start you say, ‘ start you stupid car!’ When the 10 point buck is approaching you whisper under your breath, ‘ come on big boy just a little closer and you’re going down!’ You even tell the rain to go away and sing a little song about it! Oh yes you speak to things all the time.

Jesus spoke to storms, trees, fevers and even dead people. And when he spoke to something it obeyed! As you study Jesus’ ministry you’ll see that he rarely prayed when ministering to someone on a personal level. He spoke to the problem. He taught us to do the same thing. When people expressed their amazement at his miracles he said that we would do greater things than he did! So my question is, when are we going to start doing the greater things?

I spoke to that cell phone in Jesus name and told it to come back to John immediately!  John had told me he was going to check his car one more time so as soon as I spoke to  the phone I called it. I made two calls back to back and less than five minutes after my last call John called me from his phone! He found it between the seats in a hard to reach place. The phone obeyed me!

You may think it was stupid of me to talk to the phone, that since it was in his car he would have found it sooner or later. But Jesus did not want John to be stressed all day worrying about finding his phone! He cared that the phone was important to him.

I do believe the phone was found because I spoke to it and commanded it to return! Not because I’m anything special but because I did what Jesus said to do. Mark 11:23 says if we speak to the problem and believe what we say will come to pass….we will have what we say!

I told John what I did and I gave God the glory for the miracle. He didn’t know what to say but mumbled something about miracles being for the first century church. Because of his religious tradition he couldn’t call it a miracle. I just hope a seed of faith was planted in his spirit.

I do not tell this story to make my friend look bad. On the contrary I pray that this event is a testimony to him about the goodness of God! It was an awesome reminder to me of how much God cares about the things I care about!

So the next time you lose something act on the Word and speak! Speak to the problem whether it’s a mountain or a cell phone. It will obey you!

Come on! Lets do the greater things!

Cogitate on this!

Gene Reasoner

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