I’m a talk radio junkie. Don’t hold it against me, it’s just that on my day job I have the ability to listen to radio throughout the day. It is for the most part a positive experience and I stay well informed on current events, news, politics, entertainment and even ministry.

I’m an avid reader. I read a variety of books on several different subjects. I have a daily regimen of Bible reading and meditation as well. I like to read books about the basic beliefs of other religions. Currently I’m researching the teachings of the Mormon church. There are some high-profile people in politics who are Mormon and I want to know what they believe.

Never in the world’s history has information been so easy to obtain. The internet has opened up a gigantic stream of information that is easily available to anyone with an internet connection. The world-wide web is not only accessible on the home computer, but on our laptops and smart phones as well. Thousands of books are downloadable and there are video clips of anything you want to know about available on YouTube. There seems to be no limit to this information highway.

It’s easy to get excited about these voices of knowledge and information. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. Not all these voices are positive and the negative ones can take a toll on our peace of mind.

Our country is going through political, social and economic change that can be frightening and disturbing. Political voices from the left and right are constantly bombarding us with messages that leave us with more questions than answers. The voices of economists leave us fearful for our financial future. Many of our spiritual leaders have abandoned the moral high ground for a more tolerant and inclusive voice of compromise.

I don’t know about you, but I’m at the point of beginning to limit my intake of these voices. Herein lies the danger…..

It’s easy to let these worldly voices choke out the voice of Truth. If these negative voices are allowed to be dominant and Truth is pushed aside, then we begin to doubt our core beliefs and confusion sets in. Confusion distracts us, upsets our spiritual compass and we lose our way. When that happens we are lost and in danger of being led to anarchy and destruction.

I’m not saying we should shut off the news and be uninformed. We should know what’s going on and we should know what our political leaders and candidates believe and stand for. We have a responsibility to be involved in the political process.

The voice we should be listening to more than any other is that “still small voice” of Truth the Bible talks about. We know that voice. John 10:3 says we know the voice of Truth and the voice of a stranger we will not follow. The voice of Truth brings peace, not fear. The voice of Truth brings faith, not confusion. That voice leads us into all Truth and will lead us to provision and protection.

Learn to control the other voices. If necessary shut them off for a while. Listen to your reborn spirit. That’s where you’ll hear the voice of Truth. Let that voice be the voice you live by.

Cogitate on this for a while!