Staying True

We took flowers to the cemetery on Memorial Day and as I was looking at my in-laws gravestone I began to reflect on the type of people they were. My father-in-law Earl Blansit was an outstanding person. He made such an impression on my life and certainly is one of my heroes. As I read the inscription on his stone I realized that we will probably never again see the kind of generation that produced people of such character and integrity that his life displayed. No matter how the world changed around him he always stayed true to his core beliefs. His faith in the Word of God never wavered regardless of circumstances or what the world around him was saying. That testimony has been a guiding light for me and a standard to reach for.

Time and the cares of this world have a way of wearing us down and causing us to question who we are and even what we believe. We must constantly encourage each other to stand strong and stay true to what we believe. The Word of God is true and unchanging. It is the foundation that will not be shaken. If those around us, even members of our family begin to accept the new age, secular humanistic message of the world we must stay true to God’s Word and his ways.

However it is not our preaching but rather the way we live that will ultimately convince those around us of the Truth. Character, integrity and walking in God’s love will show our friends and family that God is real and that he loves them.

We must continually remind each other and ourselves of the truth. Continual reading, meditating and hearing of God’s word will strengthen our faith. If we neglect the Word then the message of the world over time will cause our hearts to harden and we’ll be deceived. One of the most somber messages of the Bible is to not let our hearts be hardened. It can happen to anyone who neglects the Word.

That’s what I’m cogitatin’ on right now……staying true.